We enable entrepreneurship

Hygiia creates, incubates, and invests in internet and technology companies globally. We become successful by helping entrepreneurs build market-leading companies.


Hygiia Ventures empowers entrepreneurship.

Hygiia is a privately held, Canadian backed, investment firm. We build and invest in great technology and future ready companies globally. With our expertise, we fund the growth of our portfolio companies, while providing unique operational and strategic support.

We are exceptionally unique in what we offer. We build majority shareholding businesses in AI, big data, analytics, machine learning, scalable and industry agnostic fields. We also invest in privately held companies, both early stage and established, and provide funding as well as operational support to grow and scale.

Investment Philosophy

Hygiia evaluates investment opportunities using a unique corporate revenue share to fund the growth of our portfolio companies. We have powerful predictive models that look at your revenue and performance and other third-party data to generate funding offers.

Investment criteria

• Companies with annual revenues of $100,000 to $5 million (or INR 50L to 25 CR)

• Equity investments of $50,000 to $1 million (or INR 25L to 7 CR)

• EBITDA of $0 to $1+ million (or INR 0 to 7 CR+)

Hygiia is a consumer growth equity firm focusing on


We seek out strong-headed, passionate entrepreneurs with the right leadership mindset, driven by the extreme desire to achieve operational excellence and focus on human capital.


We emphasize organizations with an exceptional mindset of “purpose” that aim to provide consumers with products and services to enable a global lifestyle, enriching experience, and robust and durable brands.


We seek out Inventors and teams with highly differentiated products and services with an established model, revenue, proof-of-concept, and scalable business.


We have a unique eco-system and would become your partners and provide investment, operational experience, strategic guidance, consulting, and access to successful executives, professionals, seasoned entrepreneurs, and advisors.

Portfolio Companies

Our Team

Our team is comprised of seasoned professionals, with enriched experience in varied industries ranging from Finance to Market Research. In addition to the Management team, our specialist consultant and the team of skilled advisors are committed to carrying out the full due diligence process, including but not limited to transactions, managing ongoing operations, and other business areas.

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Ryan Kagan

Strategic Advisor


Nimai Sharma

Vice President


Pratik Sharma

Senior Vice President


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