Our Team

Gaurav Agarwal

Gaurav As Founder and President at Hygiia Ventures, Gaurav leads overall strategy, deal sourcing, and portfolio management. Gaurav has over 15 years of experience and success as an entrepreneur, executive, and investor. His diverse background and global financial knowledge into equities and markets give him a unique edge into the different viewpoints of both entrepreneurs and investors, working across geographies in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Gaurav is passionately focused on supporting innovative start-ups and entrepreneurs in technology and branded consumer space and brings in several million dollars on VC backed investment to fuel these organizations. Disrupting the traditional methods, creating lean and cashflow efficient organizations with value-added investments. Investing and executing some of the most exciting ventures, Hygiia aims to create an envious portfolio of companies and brands.

Gaurav is also the CEO of WiseWorks, one of the leading and fastest growing online market research organization, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with teams and clients across several global regions.

Ryan Kagan
Strategic Advisor

Ryan CPA and CA by profession, Ryan runs Canada's leading CPA and Advisory firm. Extensive expertise in funding and creating processes for businesses to improve their cash flow. Through experience, Ryan has also developed a small niche of investors willing to fund new ventures. Ryan has extensive experience in cloud accounting, paperless offices, and e-commerce. He has a wide range of practical knowledge in several industries, such as manufacturing, tech, professional services, distribution, food service, and import/export. His passion and focus in cloud accounting, business projections, taxation, financing, risk management, personal financial planning, and business development brings the right guidance to our companies and assessment team.

Nimai Sharma
Vice President

Nimai Sharma is a seasoned business operation professional, with deep interest and expertise in Corporate strategy. Armed with over 16 years of rich and varied industry experience, Nimai firmly believes that technology is the only dominant force that will shape and help organizations be future-ready. The advent of technology and its rapid advancement in the past two decades have created unimaginably large and successful organizations. Nimai's passion lies in harnessing technology's power in operational efficiencies and reinventing the organization's strategic wheel.

After pursuing M.B.A and M.Sc in Management Consulting, Nimai has worked with varied organizations, leveraging cutting-edge technology to offer disruptive products and services. Apart from being a business consultant, Nimai is an avid reader of business journals and spends his weekends polishing photography skills.

Pratik Sharma
Senior Vice President

Pratik With over 23 yrs of working in the market research industry, Pratik Sharma has honed Customer Relationship Management skills, along with his wealth of expertise in Advertising Research, Online Research, Market Research, and Management. His skill set has enabled him to identify, go- to markets, implement turn around strategies, and collectively create successful transformative businesses, from start-up environments through to fully operational and profitable entities.

Apart from being Vice President at Hygiia Ventures, Pratik is the Chief Operating Officer at WiseWorks, where his core focus is to ensure the organization's overall profitability.

Pratik's education has been from Delhi (India) and is a qualified Designer to add another shade to his life. In his free time, Pratik enjoys traveling, golf, long walks, cooking, and the Gym!